This dramatised take on Somm is just plain bad.

Everyone involved in wine has probably seen the documentary Somm by director Jason Wise but I doubt many people have ever seen Wine Tasting, a drama I stumbled upon on Amazon Video. The film by director Josh Mitchell and writer Justin Samuels sees an ensemble cast of four blokes tackle the Master Sommelier exam, notoriously one of the world’s most difficult exams.

While Somm provided a dramatic real-world spyglass into the ups and downs of studying for the MS exam, Wine Tasting sees plenty of long pauses and dire dialogue between four characters with little-to-no chemistry. There’s no tension because, with it being a drama, there’s no real results. It’s like watching a film about four kids trying to pass their mock GCSEs.

To be honest with you, I could only get through the first 40 minutes of this film’s 1 and a half hour run time so, hey, maybe it gets better at some point. However, I would challenge you to reach 40 minutes (especially if you were watching it because you’re interested in wine).

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