Welcome to The Sunday Series. Each week I’ll add some bits about what I’m drinking, eating, listening to, reading, watching or drinking. It’s an informal fly-on-the-wall look at my life each week, and a little dip into my love of all things lifestyle. Made for me as much as it is for you.

What am I listening to?

Sampa The Great.

On Friday evening, my other half Niamh and I tuned into Later… with Jools Holland on the BBC. It’s Series 54 of Jools’ hit show and, although I’m a big fan of his Hootenanny, I’m a dip-in-and-out fan of his flagship show. But I’m glad I tuned in on Friday to his episode with guest host Mark Ronson, mainly because I discovered Sampa the Great.

I’ve never heard her stuff before, but I love the beats and Samba waxing lyrical in ‘Final Form’ (you just have to nod along to it). There’s some mixed in soul between the rap segments and the way it jives together really hit the spot. There’s the slower, more soulful ‘The Return’ and ‘Made Us Better’, both awesome chill tunes, and the stripped back beat poet vibe of ‘Any Day’ is ultra-cool, too. Check Samba The Great out!

What am I watching?

Schitt’s Creek

I have to admit, both Niamh and I weren’t expecting much from this show. Niamh had told me it had won lots of awards, but I am a bit tired of the pop-sitcoms from across the pond like How I Met Your Mother and the rest. Fortunately, we have been glued to this show because it’s hilarious. Beautifully written and witty, if sometimes completely outrageous, this show is a barrel of laughs every episode without fail.

What am I eating?


We’ve been tucking into stir fry this week and I started getting a real taste for soy sauce again; I love the way it drips off the noodles and makes your mouth water hand-in-hand with softening any chilli heat. It’s a real flavour enhancer (all that salt) and it can bring a simple dish alive.

And the important bit: What am I drinking?

Kayra Beyaz Kalecik Karasi Rosé 2018 (£15.99, Novel Wines)

OK, so I know it’s got a lot colder in the past week (anyone else wonder where the year’s gone?) but I had an urge for this Turkish gem. Kayra Beyaz Kalecik Karasi is made from 100% Kalecik Karasi fruit harvested on a single vineyard in Denizli, Anatolia. It’s overflowing with watermelon, tangerine and tangy summer berries, becoming something worlds away from the Provence-style dry rosé you find everywhere nowadays.

It’s also a brilliant match with soy food, providing just a pop of fruit and a hint of sweetness that keeps your appetite fresh. Also, it’s no fuss – and in a week where I’m creasing to outrageous comedies and rediscovering how brilliant soul music makes me feel, a unique Turkish rosé is absolutely the ticket to a good time.

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