Canned Wine Co.

A new, innovative company that’s putting premium wine juice in a can.

Ben Franks is the head wine buyer at Canned Wine Co.

In 2019, I joined Canned Wine Co. as an early investor and non-executive director. I’ve always loved the concept of cans but never enjoyed the quality of the juice. So in 2019 I helped new start-up Canned Wine Co source the original wines for their debut Gruner Veltliner and Touriga Nacional varietal wines with a focus on real quality.

It’s about making great quality wine accessible to everyone, to be enjoyed by all.

Canned Wine Co. was founded by Simon Rollings to enable customers to explore and enjoy quality wines in a format designed for a busy modern lifestyle.

Canned Wine Co. is about great tasting wine that’s accessible to everyone.

Simon, his partner Lisa and I came together to create the Canned Wine Co concept, which is all about sourcing higher quality juice for canned wines. Higher quality juice and lower volume makes great wine more affordable. Whoever you are, you can enjoy a premium wine in your home, at a music festival or out at a picnic without forking out the big bucks. 

Ticking all the right boxes

Canned wine is much better for the environment than bottled wine. Cans are widely recyclable and considerably lighter than bottles during transportation.

Furthermore, when 73% of Brits are intimidated by wine lists, the can format gives consumers a more familiar and accessible option for exploring wines they’ve never heard of before. 

Canned Wine Co. “Vintage” Touriga Nacional 2018, Portugal

Canned Wine Co. are advocates of unusual grape varieties that work very well in can. Their debut products were launched in December 2019 with a Grüner Veltliner from Austria and a French oak aged Touriga Nacional from Portugal.

Canned Wine Co. “Vintage” Gruner 2019, Austria

The packaging was designed in partnership with Neil Tully MW at Amphora Design to reflect the character, flavour and aroma of the wines.