Novel Wines

Specialising in truly unique wines, Novel Wines was set-up in 2016 to make the UK wine market more exciting.

Marina Pellegrini, Ben Franks and Gyorgy Zsiga celebrate two years of Novel Wines
Marina, Ben and Gyorgy celebrate 2 years for Novel Wines

The company was established by Ben Franks and Hungarian wine specialist Gyorgy Zsiga. Today the pair look after over 200 unique wines and a brand-new range of unusual spirits.

Included in the wine list are a hand-selected range of wines from Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Serbia, Bolivia, Croatia, Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, Georgia, the Republic of Macedonia, Slovenia, Slovakia, the Canary Islands, Lebanon, Japan, Thailand, India, Brazil, Uruguay, Sicily and many more. These more unusual regions are joined by a wealth of some of England’s best wines, sourced with passion by Ben who started his wine career in English wine journalism.

Over 2,000 customers have enjoyed Novel Wines and in 2018 the company began selling wine and spirits into restaurants, bars and hotels. They aim to add a little quirk to a wine list and give winos the opportunity to explore something new.

Ben and Gyorgy were joined by Marina Pellegrini, Mark Roberts and Sherry Espineli as the team grew through 2018.

You can find out more about Novel Wines here.