Ellie Scott


Ellie is a WSET-certified wine consultant and popular communicator who joins Ben Franks Wine to share her love for wine, culture and travel.

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Ellie Scott is an Independent Wine Consultant and Communicator. Ellie founded her consultancy, Amante Wine, in 2021, after leaving a long-term career in finance to pursue her passions for wine
and travel. She has studied with WSET Global and Wine Scholar Guild and speaks French and Spanish. Ellie shares wine recommendations and educational content including her ‘Wine Dictionary’ on her Instagram account @amantewine.

Ellie has always had an interest in wine, visiting vineyards on holidays and learning about wine informally while pursuing a career in finance. After more than fifteen years as an equities trader, Ellie took the leap in 2020 to leave and pursue her passions for wine and travel. While pandemic lockdowns put the travel side on hold, Ellie threw herself into more formal wine qualifications, passing her WSET Level 3 with Distinction and Spanish Wine Scholar with Highest Honors, before setting up her consultancy at the beginning of 2021. A mentorship through the Drinks Trust helped grow her knowledge of the wine industry and shape the services her business offers.

As travel became easier again, a two month stay in Jerez in 2022 cemented her love of both sherry and Andalucía, and Ellie holds an Advanced Certificate in Sherry Wines. Other recent extended travels have included Georgia and Armenia – discovering the oldest winemaking regions in the world – as well as Greece and València.

As well as writing and creating content about wine, Ellie works on PR campaigns, presents, advises, and hosts tastings for private and corporate clients. She is active in tasting and networking groups and loves connecting people with both wines and other people.

Ellie has spent time living in Argentina, France, and Spain, and speaks French and Spanish. She loves sharing her knowledge with consumers and the wine trade alike, and is keen to keep learning and travelling. You can follow her on Instagram on @amantewine.