Ben says

★ Good Wine “Almost golden yellow in the glass. The nose is a creamy waft of green apples, peach, lemon rind, clove and vanilla. It is full of buttery apple turnover on the palate with a bittersweet citrus straddling somewhere between pink grapefruit and tangerine. The finish is warm. There’s something a little reductive about it, but if anything that stops it from becoming cloying and flabby, retaining some of the wine’s bite.”

Guerrieri Rizzardi '3 Cru' Amarone della Valpolicella Red Wine


Varietal Chardonnay with 13.9% abv. Closed top stainless steel fermentation. Maturation with 30% in French oak.

Grown in: Central Coast, California, USA.

Food Pairing

It’s creamy and bittersweet, so a perfect pairing with semi-soft cheese or even a nice chunk of Cornish Yarg wrapped in nettles. For dinner, I’d opt for a buttery pasta dish with flecks of pancetta and sliced cherry tomatoes.

Disclosure & Price

Purchased at full price from Waitrose. Find in the UK for circa £14.99. 

Reviewed and tasted: 12/10/2023

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About the Producer

Winc was founded in 2012 as a wine club with its winemaking arm purchasing bulk wine and grapes for a series of own label brands that it predominantly sold direct to consumer or exported on the international market. At its height, it made wine from 10 different countries for its brands. Unfortunately the producer, once one of the leading wine clubs in the USA, filed for bankruptcy in 2022.