Welcome to the Ben Franks Wine scoring guide. I set up my 3-Star rating system to keep tasting notes simple. Only good quality wines will receive a star. Below you’ll find more information on how we score the wines and spirits on this site.

I’ve always struggled with scoring wines on the classic 100pt system. What’s the difference between an 88 and 89 point wine? Can a wine ever really be 100 points? Maybe I’m over-thinking it. I’ve always preferred the star rating system, but because I have no interest in writing about bad wines, I took my inspiration from the Michelin guide and the writer Hugh Johnson, opting for a 3 star system.

Here’s how it works:

BFW Rated Wine - Good 1 Star

Good ★

An enjoyable wine or spirit that’s worth picking up for a try!

BFW Rated Wine - Great 2 Star

Great ★★

A memorable wine or spirit that you should definitely buy!

BFW Rated Wine - Outstanding 3 Star

Outstanding ★★★

Reserved for those wines and spirits that are truly special. Go out of your way to get these!

All of our tasting notes are filed under the category Tasting Notes.

What if the wine sucks? I don’t post reviews for average or poor wines. You will only ever find wines I recommend on my tasting notes library.