Ben says

★ Good Wine “The label on this wine is beautiful. For this vintage, the winery had just purchased brand new oak, and it shows on this. Dried fruit, hints of treacle and oak smoke on the nose. The body is tannic, as you’d expect, but moreso than I’d anticipated given nearly 10 years. It’s all rose, earth and cocoa with a real savoury grippy character. I love tight, tannic Barolo when there’s purity in the fruit, but here it’s just stained with oak. A nice Barolo but it should be better.”

Bussia Barolo


Varietal Nebbiolo with 14.0% abv. New oak.

Grown in: Piedmont, ITALY.

Food Pairing

Food pairing this one’s tough because the tannins are so prominent still. It needs some fat to mellow, but we can’t go rich because of the floral nature of the wine. I’d lean towards meats like lamb or cold cuts, olives and lighter hard cheese.

Disclosure & Price

Tasted at the Beckford Bottle Shop annual tasting.

£63.50 Beckford Bottle Shop, Bath.

Reviewed and tasted: 5 November 2022

Ben Franks Wine Tasting Note Producer Profile

About the Producer

Arnaldo Rivera set up his winery Terre del Barolo in 1958. He was the mayor of his village for 36 years and he built a formidable network and co-op cellar in Barolo, which remains the only co-op purely producing in Barolo today. Rivera passed away in 1987 with no children, but the co-op continues, and since 2013 the project in his name has aimed to produce a range of top quality wines from Barolo’s great vineyards.